Dirtbag Challenge 2017 - biker1337
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Dueling Gibsons

Sexstar laying it down before the bikes arrive.

Dirtbag Challenge 2017! Some rule changes this year: double the time, double the money, TRIPLE the FUN! You get 2 months to build a chopper (no Harleys) using $2,000. And, unlike those other bike shows, you have to RIDE the bike. 100 miles to the secret campsite. Gather round the campsite with your friends. Then a 100 mile ride back to the judging site, where the riders pick the winners. From the founders:
“The Dirtbag Challenge started as a reaction to the increasing perception that a custom motorcycle had to be expensive. There is a belief that custom bikes are the exclusive right of rich pretty boys and media personalities, rolling around on cookie cutter motorcycles that cost the same as a small family home. Well that’s bullshit.
The Dirtbag Challenge is a low rent chopper build-off, featuring real world bikes for riding in the real world. More than that, at the heart of it is a need to do your own thing, to break away from the same old mainstream ideals.
Dirtbag is about doing things your own way – without anyone’s approval, without anyone’s permission. Build the bike you want, live the life you choose. If we can do it, so can you.”

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